Thoughts on mission and evangelism

The teach and tell ministry of the church is vital. Borrowing Brunner’s words: “The church exists by mission, as fire exists by burning.” Although the emphasis on personal testimony is important – it is NOT the Holy Scripture breathed out by God. Therefore, more needs to be said about the sanctity, priority, authority and relevance of God’s Word for His people. We must invoke a desire to get back to God’s basics. Joyful submission to the Bible must come first in our lives. Therefore, more needs to be said about nurturing and teaching believers to uphold the Bible as the pillar and foundation of truth. Without this vision / mark of mission we will not have the confidence to tell the Christian story, or the moral, social and spiritual values that shape our distinctive lifestyle as committed believers. We need to encourage our congregations to re-explore this fundamental principle. Then, perhaps by 2020 we may have the faith to shine the Christ light into the dark places of our world. Stop the erosion now before the foundations are destroyed and the righteous can do nothing by being Biblically orthodox. It’s the only way to grow!


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