I believe that children are our future (sang Whitney Houston)

Last month we celebrated our church’s birthday and the elders led worship in a memorable service. It got me thinking: How important is the Church? What does it mean for us to walk with God, and to share with one another in the strength of Christ? How does God intend to build His Kingdom here in this community through TWURC? Is God bothered whether our children and Wolverhampton’s children hear and respond to the Gospel?

Well, naturally God is concerned with each generation hearing His Word and you and I are the Church. It’s a high and holy calling and, therefore, we have a Gospel to proclaim. This is the whole reason for our endeavour – to share the Good News of the Kingdom. If we don’t evangelise – we’ll fossilise and there’ll be no birthdays in the future to celebrate. “The church exists by mission, as fire exists by burning” – said Emil Brunner. That’s why we need to be motivated to enable TWURC to be better at being who we intend to be – a vibrant and sustainable congregation. And if everyone does a little then much can be achieved. People’s lives will be utterly transformed by an encounter with the living God. Mine wasJ

That’s why I’m excited by Showstoppers! – this year’s Summer Holiday Club taking place between 03rd – 07th August. Every day there’s crafts and games, but more importantly – Bible discovery, group discussion and creative prayer. We’re going to uncover God’s great plan of salvation (exploring the stories of Creation, David, Daniel, Jesus’ birth, and His crucifixion and resurrection) with children, whether they are part of the church community or not. It’s a great opportunity to promote the spiritual development of everyone who will be attending.

But there’s more to it than this. I believe we have a responsibility to prepare the next generation for the work of God. Showstoppers! is not just about us putting on a performance, but an opportunity to let the Holy Spirit move in the hearts and minds of these children – who after all are the future of Christ’s Church and, therefore, must be introduced to a loving God today.



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