Oh Joy – The Election of Elders

Yes it’s that time of year when according to our church’s constitution when those who have served for six years need to stand down and those who have served three years are eligible for re-election. So ballot papers and nomination forms posted.

However,  due to the democratic “bottom-up” ecclesiology of the Reformed tradition it’s extremely difficult to be Scriptural. The Church should be Theocratic rather than democratic. Elders should be chosen by God not the congregation. Several new elders have been nominated – but at the AGM those present will vote. We will commit the issue to the Lord in prayer, asking for His discernment, but in the end it will be a democratic decision. There will be no testimonies and very little spiritual preparation on behalf of the candidates. There is no probation or testing period for elders either to see if their calling is true. And, of course, it won’t be just men who’ll be elected.

It’s never too late to return to true Biblical Eldership – the problem is I probably wouldn’t have any elders! Perhaps we need to un-ordained deacons instead.


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