Revolution Baby…

The pace of technology is astounding really. Well the digital revolution certainly is. Long gone are LPs, tapes even CDs as my i-Pod classic has all the music I’ve ever liked and will like on it. Not bad for something the size of a cigarette packet! My book collection is slowly finding its way onto my Sony Touch E-book reader although more needs to be available. Wireless is everywhere now and the internet – well where would we be without Google, e-mail and text messaging? Its great to see some of the older generation embrace technology too – although I know some younger folk who are Luddites when it comes to this sort of thing. I bought a new mobile the other day (would love the i-Phone but can’t afford it!) and it’s got more processing power than the 18 computers I have in my vintage 80s collection put together! Touch screens and tablet pcs to look forward to now.


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