Prayers for Good Friday Tenebrae Service


Lord Jesus, on this Good Friday we remember with penitence and gratitude the agony and the shame, the darkness and desolation, you endured on Calvary for us and for the redemption of mankind. As we meet under the shadow of the cross we ask you to help us to understand something more of what it cost you, the Holy One, to bear away our sin, that we may love and serve you better, our Mediator and most merciful Redeemer, to who be glory forever and ever. AMEN.


Almighty and eternal God, you created humanity so that all may long to know you and find peace in you. We are not worthy of this your greatest gift, that Christ shed His blood for us. Forgive us that we are so slow to respond. Help us as we hear the story of the cross, once again, to recognize the signs of your love and grace in the world and gladly acknowledge you as the one true God and make us more faithful witnesses of the love made known to us in your Son. For you love’s sake. AMEN.


Almighty and eternal God, we thank you that through Christ’s Passion the way to your presence is open to all people. You give strength to the weary and courage to those who have lost heart. You heal the sick, you comfort the dying and give safety to travellers. You free those unjustly deprived of liberty, and you deliver your world from falsehood, hunger, and disease. Hear the prayers of all who call on you in trouble, that they may have the joy of receiving your help in their need. Through Him who is our great high priest, You Son Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.


Almighty and eternal God, we thank you for the gift of Jesus Christ to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life; for the love which moved Him to endure the cross for us and for the whole world. By your Holy Spirit guide the Church and help it to persevere in faith to bring the good news of salvation to all people. Lord Jesus, by your cross and passion, you reconciled the world and broke down the barriers of race and colour which divide nations: make the Church an instrument of reconciliation in the life of the world, that we may inherit the blessing which you promised to the peacemakers. Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer. AMEN.


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