Love magnified or Wrath satisfied?

March of Witness in Wolverhampton this AM. The organisers had chosen In Christ Alone as one of the hymns. GREAT SONG which goes without saying but not when the words are changed and you can guess which ones – “There on the cross where Jesus died – the wrath of God was satisfied” replaced with “The love of God was magnified” – absolutely outrageous and typical of Christian apathy today. I think the Church sometimes has a death wish. To choose the holiest of weeks to water down the truth of the Gospel and undermine the nature of the Atonement is appauling. Jesus was NAILED to the cross upon which He could have survived for days. Crucifixion was a slow death from hunger, thirst or suffocation. Jesus’ enemies mocked Him. Is this God’s love magnified? I think not. If there was no perfect sacrifice for sin there would be no forgiveness. If there was no forgiveness of sin there would be no hope of eternal life. God’s wrath was/is righteous and just. Jesus paid the ultimate price in being separated from the Father by being made sin for us and God cannot stand sin. The barrier was removed because His anger was satisfied and now we care dare to enter into His awesome presence.
Too much emphasis on divine love is a dangerous thing. Was it RT Kendall who said we prefer to see God as ALL-MATEY rather than ALMIGHTY? Well I’m glad that when Jesus shouted “It is finished!” – reconciliation to a Holy God was made possible and the plan of salvation and the end of sacrifice was complete.


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