The autumnal colours are so stunning!  The leaves on one tree in our garden in particular turn to a beautiful deep red colour that makes me appreciate the beauty of the season. How great is the God we adore. The world is a beautiful place, one that should be cherished and enjoyed by all. However, it is spoilt by a few.

As I write there is war and ongoing atrocities in Sudan, Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo and Syria. Brutalities targeting civilians brings to mind of course the distressing pictures of the innocent men, women and children who were victims of a chemical gas attack. What is man doing to man and why? Despite Jesus Christ bringing the Good News that there was an alternative way to live, war has happened and is still happening because we don’t learn from past mistakes. Sometimes war is justified. At other times it is not. Although the majority of the world would rather not go to war – it will always be with us. The Bible indicates that there will never be peace until Jesus returns.

We may be several thousand miles away from the various conflicts that trouble our world but we cannot conveniently forget those who are suffering just because they are not on our doorstep. They are our neighbours and as followers of Jesus we are commanded to love our enemies, and look after our neighbours. I believe that our Armed Forces, still engaged in Afghanistan, are doing just that. Naturally, not everyone will share my point of view, but servicemen and women are alleviating the pain and suffering of the citizens of that country. A democratic government, rather than an autocratic one now governs that country.

Sadly, lives are still being lost to secure justice and freedom. This month we remember all those who have lost their lives and continue to lay their lives on the line. In this fallen world war is inevitable until our Lord and Saviour returns as King.

Meanwhile for us, His followers, the only weapon we need to use is prayer. It is very forceful and cannot be stopped. It is the first line of defence against the evils of this world. It does change things. Therefore, let us be vigilant in our prayers – they will be answered (perhaps not in the way we would expect) by a God who cares for all His Creation.


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