Words of consolation I offered at a committal service today for a faithful soul…

Whether you are religious or not, there is a need within all of us to give thanks for each day to a higher power beyond ourselves. Bible writers long ago recognised this, even when they were in pain, or spiritually depressed, their hope returns when they remember that, “God has made everything beautiful in its time and set eternity in the human heart” – made certain for us today because of the resurrection of Christ: “Lord, to whom shall we go? Your words are words of eternal life.” (Jn.6:68). And we are richer for it. All of us suffer some sort of heartbreak or disappointment or disability at some point in our lives. We all suffer bereavement, the grief and separation caused by death. You, as a family, know that more than most. The tragic loss of xxx, followed by xxx and xxx declining physical and mental health, was a traumatic time. But what makes all the difference is placing our lives, which are very fleeting and precious, into the hands of God. xxx knew the hope of the Christian faith. Throughout her long life she read the story of God’s love and kept His righteousness in sight. She’s in His care now. Deservedly so! And heaven is large enough for millions of souls, “There’s plenty of room,”says Jesus whose promise is to go ahead and prepare a place for us.
But the reality of resurrection isn’t just written in the Bible, it is written, as Time runs its course, as the seasons change, in every leaf of springtime when the earth is bursting forth with new life. It’s written in summer with its rich colours, scents and textures. It’s written in the autumn and winter with the flora and fauna reminding us still that from death and decay comes new life – all things will once again be bright and beautiful. Green pastures and still waters, is where the Lord wants to lead us, offering new life to our tired souls. The hope of resurrection isn’t like a lottery where only one person out of millions will hit the jackpot. Jesus said: “Because I live, you also will live.” If you trust Him, as xxx did, your Saviour, one day you, too, will see Him. At death, your spirit will go to be with Him to the lasting joy of heaven where dust and ashes have no dominion. Where there is no more suffering, hospital beds, pain or tears. Therefore, we are not to stand and weep: the physical decays, yet the spiritual renews. There’s more to our mortal existence. We are not just flesh and bones. Death is something that separates us, but death is “nothing at all” – for nothing in all creation, can ever separate us from God’s love in Christ. There is a definite hope of a better future! xxx has indeed risen with Christ in glory. So family and friends may God bless you and keep you in His tender care and love for all eternity.

Blessed be the Word. Love in the Messiah.


2 thoughts on “Words of consolation I offered at a committal service today for a faithful soul…

  1. Dear Rev Tim I am sorry I could not open the comment link to leave a comment Thank you for your lovely words today- so beautiful and true I am just back from my once a month volunteering with Glasgow City Mission and was able to be a wee part of the Healing Prayer today. There , this afternoon, was LInda(not her real name) Linda has mental health issues, is enormous, but loves her God- though she is going through a difficult time- feeling God will not help her in her distress and pain. I had never prayed with others like that before (there was two other folks and myself) In the middle of our praying- Linda burst into tears and I found tears also rolling down my own face- I felt horribly embarassed , until LInda looked up and seemed startled that I was crying too. It was a humbling experience- so many are hurting, so many feel lost and alone- to know that Jesus understands, and is with us when we need him most is so comforting. Your words tonight are written from the heart and another delight to my day Thank you Hazel McCorrisken

    • Hi Hazel, it is nice to hear from you from time to time (and I’m glad these words meant something to you). It’s good to hear about your work with the City Mission. It’s a quite something to be involved in prayer ministry and to make a real difference to somebody’s life. The Holy Spirit has clearly given you the confidence to pray and yes it can be very moving in circumstances like you’ve described. Well done in serving our Saviour, Friend and King and may our gracious God continue to bless you, as you clearly bring His comfort, peace and healing to others. Bless the Lord my soul and bless God’s holy Name. Bless the Lord my soul who leads me into life. Take care. Tim.

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