There is no such thing…

…as a “Christian Muslim”. Muslims have another Prophet who they claim superseded Jesus Christ.

…as a “New Age Christian”. The New Age movement is a mixture of ancient paganism, occultism and references to a Christ named Jesus who is not the Person revealed in the Bible.

…as a “Christian Buddhist”, although many nominal Christians borrow philosophical ideas and oriental religious practices from Buddhism. Such people have not found the all-sufficiency of Jesus, neither are they obedient to the teachings of His Word.

…as a “Christian Agnostic”. There is no assurance in agnosticism: and a Christian is one who says “I KNOW whom I have believed, and am CONVINCED…..” (2. Tim. 1.12).

God says, “I am the LORD. That is MY name. I will not give my glory to another” (Is. 42.8,). Doubts and fears assail us all; but these are all arrows of the Devil, tempting go into the by-path meadows of both ancient idolatries and modern questioning of the truth of the Bible: “opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge” (1 Tim. 6.20).

“If you suffer as a CHRISTIAN, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name” (1 Pet. 4.16)


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