The Bible supports the ACTIVIST viewpoint. The world is a dangerous place and many leaders/nations will stop at nothing to destroy freedom and peace disrupting life. War is necessary to defend ourselves from tyrants or dangerous ideologies and also to correct many injustices committed against people throughout the world. Therefore, based on this, a Christian ought to go to war out of obedience to the Lord. Of course in the free world such decisions are taken by those in government representatives of the nation and there are extensive Biblical verses regarding the Christian and the role of government (Dan.4:25; Mt.22:21; Tit.3:1; 1Pet.2:13f; Rom.13:1-7).

The Bible supports the PACIFIST viewpoint. A careful reading of Scripture would never support war. Jesus told us that Christians should turn the other cheek and leave vengeance to God. He also said, “Blessed are the peacemakers” which clearly excludes military support of any kind. War is therefore unjust and all violences wrong. “You shall not kill” the 6th Commandment (although some prefer “You shall not murder” as it emphasises premeditation). “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Mt.5:44). Christians are to overcome evil with good. The right to take life belongs only to God.

The Bible supports JUST WAR. The only wars that can be justified are wars of self-defence. Some Christians believe a proper governing authority has the moral right to defend itself from hostile aggression and terrorism. Some of the Bible’s characters participated in warfare to resist unjust aggression (Abraham in Gen.14; Joshua, Judges et.al). Jesus also instructed His disciples to carry a sword for protection against unjust aggression (Lk.22:36-38).

“Every word of God proves true.” (Proverbs ch.30,v.5)








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