Minister: Tettenhall Wood & St. Columba’s United Reformed Church, Wolverhampton, England.



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  1. Did you purchase something from carphonewarehouse.com? You gave them the wrong email address, you gave them revtim@gmail.com , which is my address. Please correct it when you get a chance.

    Good news though, “Your order has been dispatched from Carphone Warehouse”!


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  3. Hi Tim

    I have recently read your article `Why was Pentecostalism overlooked at Edinburgh 1910?’ Thank you for contributing to this dialogue which has been largely overlooked. I am currently conducting PhD studies on the PMU through Chester university. I noticed the following comments you may want to check out further. You mention the Polhill brothers as British Pentecostals. Certainly Cecil was Pentecostal in his experience from when he visited Azusa St., however there is no evidence to state Arthur Twistleton Polhill ever became `Pentecostal’. He remained a CIM anglican missionary even after CIM ousted Pentecostals in 1915 which led to Cecil’s resignation from CIM council. Interestingly when Studd and the Polhills first arrived in China they did seek for the Holy Spirit to give them xenolalic ability to speak Chinese without learning the language, but reverted back to more regular language acquisition methods. Stanley Smith one of the other Cambridge Seven missionaries did become an independent Pentecostal.
    You attribute a quote from Confidence to Polhill – see footnote 60 – this mistake has been repeated by other commentators. The original article was written by Alexander Boddy, the editor of Confidence not Polhill.

    You conclude that inter-missionary activity with Pentecostals was not possible – for quite a while (up to 1915) overall the PMU did work co-operatively with mission agencies such as the CIM.

    • I wrote this for my MA several years ago. Thank you for these additional details. Really interesting.

  4. Hi Tim,
    In a strange ‘God Moment’, I came across your blog just today. Strange because I’m sitting in my little office in Sydney Australia where I serve in missions with a non-denominational agency. I’ve never met you, never heard of you (sorry about that!) BUT I have to say that I really appreciate your writings. I just signed up for your blogs – me and I think 67 other people.
    As a blogger, I sometimes wonder if it’s worth keeping it up. Maybe you do too – if so, I hope this encourages you because your words encouraged me today.
    I wonder what the writers of Scripture would make of this joining of the body of Christ in such a way? I think they’d be pretty excited. I think I’ll blog on it…one day!
    (I even added https://timmullings.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/the-coming-of-the-end-lectionary-luke-215-19-171113/ to the facebook & twitter account of the mission I’m with, which has a fair worldwide scope – so now you’re even more famous!)
    Have a great day,
    Sean Boucher

    • Good AM Sean,

      Thank you for getting in touch and for your kind words. Give God all praise and glory for brothers and sisters in Christ. May He bless you in your work and ministry.

      In Christ alone,


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